Who we are

Affidia CEO and team leader is Maurizio Paleologo. Maurizio has a Master degree in Biochemistry and started his career investigating the DNA adducts of PAH to DNA (University of Padova in cooperation with the Cancer Institute, Amsterdam). In 1988 he moved from the Academy to the industry. The first experience was in a startup biotech company where he developed immunoassay kits to detect steroid hormones in meat production (1989-1993). In 1995 he founded Tecna Srl, a company fully devoted to the development and manufacturing of food diagnostics.

Maurizio was driving the company from 3 to about 30 employees, becoming quite a well known player particularly because of high quality ELISA kit for aflatoxin B1 and M1, successful not only in Italy but abroad too, particularly in China. Even if Tecna was a small enterprise, Maurizio Paleologo, as CEO of Tecna, choosed to invest as much as possible in RD and innovation.

From a tech follower Tecna in the last years became an innovator, being able to be the first company to develop a multiplex ELISA building a planar immuno-array in microtiter plate, designed for the mycotoxin detection. Moreover, a cartridge ELISA was also developed as new method, easy as a LFD but accurate and precise as an ELISA.  In 2016 Tecna have been acquired by Eurofins Technology, a division of Eurofins Scientific. Maurizio was CEO of Tecna till February 2019, then he left and on April 2019 he established Affidia.

A number of scientist and technologist that have been collaborating with Mr. Paleologo are ready to cooperate with Affidia, designed a media company, an independent competence centre in food diagnostics.